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5 Simple Steps to Reduce Back Pain

The undervalued simple steps to help you alleviate pain, even when everything else has failed you.

Yes, I want to Be Pain Free

Instantly Implement and expect to:

  • Improve balance and movement with walking
  • Better pressure management to decrease areas of compression
  • Feel less pain when you wake in the morning
  • Feel more comfort when sitting for longer periods of time
  • Decrease risk for serious injury.



About Me

Hello my name is Paige McNerthney, PT.  I am the owner and solo operator of AlignMend PT in Seattle. I have been an outpatient and sports medicine PT for over 20 years. Though I have a multi-faceted education with a history of training in manual therapy, functional movement retraining, and dynamic recovery, my privately-owned clinic focuses on a treatment approach developed by the highly regarded Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI)   My practice focuses on studying breathing, pressure management, movement retraining and functional recovery for fitness and active people of all ages.  

📍 2208 NW Market Str #307
Seattle, WA 98107 
📞  +1 206-717-5969  

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