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Custom Online Treatment

Custom Online Treatment

Being at home does not mean you need to be stuck in pain or wondering if there is a way to make moving easier, your body stronger, exercise more beneficial, your workstation more ergonomic, your sleep better, or your metabolism more efficient.  If you are an individual struggling with a new program, a weekend warrior, a fitness enthusiast, suffering from a chronic condition, or just simply needs some guidance in how to perform and feel better, schedule a strategy session to discuss and determine your next course of action to your journey of success.

My scientific treatment approach is innovative and focuses on a multi-system approach to movement.  This multi-system approach involves inhibition and facilitation of the muscular chains that commonly contribute to postural patterns of dysfunction and pain.  In combination with addressing other body systems that impede healing such as autonomics, lymphatics, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems.  These systems, along with the musculoskeletal system, must ALL work together in order for your body to heal.  These symptoms, pain or unrest can come from a variety of circumstances including motor vehicle accidents, work injuries, overuse injuries, running injuries, stress, lack of sleep, chronic pain conditions or just normal life circumstances. 

I have worked hard to learn about the power of breath and the importance of the integration of multiple systems.  These bodily systems are vital and often overlooked, when it comes to normal rehab and the important role these systems play in the body’s physical and mental recovery. Training breath to drive movement and your body's mass for  orthopedic positioning provides pain-free movement, mechanics, and performance.   While this may sound complicated, when it comes to a multi-system management approach,  your recovery can be relatively simple and extremely effective.  I am excited to offer this approach in my practice. I have learned, over the course of my years as a physical therapist, mother and wife that sometimes less is often more - making some small changes can have BIG effects.


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